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Jovita Jenkins, MBA, PCC
Leadership/Career/Transition Strategist
Author: Get Out Of Your Own Way

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my website/blog. Thanks to my wonderful web guy who brought me kicking and screaming into the social media era.

Let me start this first post by introducing myself. I am Jovita Jenkins, The TLC coach. And “What does TLC stand for?” you might ask. It stands for Technology Leaders’ Coach. I am a retired aerospace exec reinvented as an executive/leadership coach. I am also the author of the best selling book Get Out Of Your Own Way – Create The Next Chapter Of Your Life. And, I am doing just that – creating a new chapter, and helping others do the same.

In these challenging times, we must all be open to modifying our success criteria. This is a necessary condition for surviving and thriving in this brave new world, where worked yesterday may no longer work today.

I have chosen to use my expertise, gained as a pioneer in the aerospace industry, to help aspiring, emerging, and seasoned leaders enhance their leadership skills. We need leaders at all levels.

I also feel compelled to provide a forum for sharing ideas to help those who, like me, are continually striving to get and stay out of their own way and thrive. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the gloom and doom sayers and want to build a powerful community of forward thinking leaders. Join me. Share your success and leadership strategies and challenges you may need help with. Help me shape the direction of this blog.

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