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In her highly acclaimed debut book “Get Out Of Your Own Way,” Jovita an Executive Coach and Women’s Executive Coach brings the practical wisdom she gives her Coaching clients to a national audience. With the honesty of an old friend and the insight of a professional Executive Coach and Women’s Executive Coach, readers are challenged to think differently about their lives and begin an intense journey of self-discovery that sets them on the path towards creating a compelling new chapter of their lives.

Never a believer in the “do as I say, not as I do” school of thought, Jovita a Executive Leadership Coach and Women’s Executive Leadership Coach walks her talk. As a teen mother raising a young daughter and working full time, the odds were stacked against her success. However, Jovita refused to be defined by societal expectations and went on to earn both Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Mathematics.

After graduation, Jovita an Executive Coach and Women’s Executive Coach, continued blazing trails in the professional world. Her love of math and science led her to become the first Black female software engineer at Rockwell International, and one of only a handful of Black software engineers in the aerospace industry. During the course of her thirty-year aerospace career, Jovita’s experience ranged from software development for missile, communications, and space systems projects for the Department of Defense and NASA, to senior management with responsibility for the careers of more than 100 aerospace engineers. Simultaneously, Jovita also found the time to teach college level Advanced Calculus, mentor disadvantaged students, and earn an MBA from the prestigious Anderson School at UCLA.

Currently, Jovita is President/CEO of GOOYOW Group (formerly AJIDES International, Inc.), an international management consulting, training, and executive coaching firm. On a constant quest for personal growth and professional success, Jovita continues to make her mark in the worlds of technology and business. Former positions include Leadership and Career coach at Northrop Grumman, math professor at L.A. Southwest College, instructor in UCLA’s Technical Management Program, Executive Coach for The Executive Committee (TEC), and Commissioner on the Los Angeles City Quality and Productivity Commission.  She holds board positions on the Women’s National Book Association and  the Institute for Strategic Thinking and Technology Development.

Never one to settle for the mundane, she realizes that the only constant in the world is change. This knowledge fuels her drive toward perpetually “entrepreneuring” her own future. “I am a major advocate of personal evolution,” Jovita states. “The key to success in this rapidly changing world is the ability to periodically recycle yourself, before your environment does it for you.”

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